"The Sculpted Rose Embellishment"

"The Sculpted Rose Embellishment"


This elegant and whimsical hand embellishment for your formal shoes could be the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. The sculpted roses on the heel can be surrounded by a pop of color-petite deep pink flowers and delicate white lace leaves, as shown in this sample. The pop of color can be altered to any color you desire, including white.  Behind the sculpted rose stands a single large white leaf and a white feather draping over the rose. Unique in design, sophisticated and full of life. 

All of my work is created as an art piece- movable sculptures for your feet.

How the process works: 

1.) Send your own unembellished shoes to me- that way you know they fit perfectly!  I have provided examples of shoes that would be good options from www.lightinthebox.com.  

For the Rose embellishment,  I would recommend a pointed or rounded toe pump, although any style with a back will work for this design.  

Find your unembellished shoes easily:

This exact sample was purchased at www.lightinthebox.com.  It is the first unembellished shoe pictured to the right.  It features a white satin finish, pointed toe and the heel height is 3.5".  It is priced at $39.99.  To purchase this pair to be embellished,  copy and paste the link below: 


The second unembellished shoe pictured is a stretch satin peep toe for $34.99, and features a 2.5" heel.  To purchase this pair to be embellished copy and paste the link below: 


The third unembellished shoe pictured is a sweet rounded toe satin shoe with ankle strap and 2.5" heel for $39.99.  To purchase this pair for embellishment, copy and paste the link below: 


The last unembellished shoe pictured is a pointed toe satin shoe with 2.5" heel, sold for $34.99.  To purchase this shoe to be embellished, copy and paste the link below: 


2.)  Select the shoe you desire and make sure that they are comfortable and a good fit.  When you have found your perfect base shoe, ship in a box to: 

Rachael Jensen 

184 Regent Street 

Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866

3.) Upon receipt of your shoes and after we have discussed any changes to this design, I will begin the embellishment work.  The process will take about two weeks, as all work is done by hand.

4.)  I will send your newly transformed shoes back to you to enjoy!








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