"The Swan Embellishment"

"The Swan Embellishment"


This lovely embellishment to be done on a heeled sandal features real feathers surrounding the toe and ankle.  Can be worn by a bride, or for any special occasion to add a touch of delicacy and whimsy to any formal outfit.  

Sparkle on the heel is the finishing touch to this design.  

Slight differences may occur due to the nature of individual hand embellishment.

Custom Work:

Custom variations are always an option. I would be happy to discuss your ideas to make them a perfect match for you.

How the process works: 

1.) Send your own unembellished shoes to me- that way you know they fit perfectly!  I have found a website that has great base shoes that are comfortable, affordable and high quality to purchase from called light in the box (www.lightinthebox.com).  I have provided examples from the company that would be good options for this design. 

 Find your unembellished shoes easily:

Very close to the original sample is the first unembellished shoe pictured to the right.   The heel height measures approx. 3.5" and is $39.99.  To purchase, copy and paste link:  


The second unembellished shoe is a genuine leather stiletto heel sandal.  The heel height is approx. 3.5" and is $64.99.  To purchase, copy and paste link: 


The third shoe pictured is a silk round toe sandal in ivory.  Heel height is approx. 2.5", and is $39.99.  To purchase, copy and paste the link: 


The last blank shoe pictured is a stretch satin ribbon tie heeled sandal in ivory.  The heel height is approx. 3.5" and is $37.99.  To purchase, copy and paste the link below: 


2.)  Select the shoe you desire and make sure that they are comfortable and a good fit.  When you have found your perfect base shoe, ship in a box to: 

Rachael Jensen 

184 Regent Street 

Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866

3.) Upon receipt of your shoes and after we have discussed any changes to this design, I will begin the embellishment work.  The process will take about two weeks, as all work is done by hand.

4.)  I will send your newly transformed shoes back to you to enjoy!







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