"A Touch of Gold Embellishment"

"A Touch of Gold Embellishment"


This original lace based shoe is delicately embellished by gold tinged raised leaves.  The raised leaves add a textural quality forming a lovely elegant shoe.  Because the original shoes are based in lace, they are translucent in areas, adding visual variation.  

If you desire a more simple look, the embellishment on a plain shoe would be beautiful as well.  

Slight differences may occur due to the nature of individual hand embellishment.

Custom work:

Custom variations are always an option. I would be happy to discuss your ideas to make them a perfect match for you.

How the process works: 

1.) Send your own unembellished shoes to me- that way you know they fit perfectly!  I have found a website that has great base shoes that are comfortable, affordable and high quality to purchase from called light in the box (www.lightinthebox.com).  I have provided examples from the company that would be good options for this design. 

Easy to purchase.  

The exact unembellished shoe that I used in the sample is a translucent lace pointed toe pump. The heel height is 4.5" and is $29.99. To purchase this pair to be embellished, copy and paste link:  


The second unembellished shoe very similar to the first, with a lower heel height that measures 3".  These shoes are priced at $38.99. To purchase this shoe to embellish, copy and paste link: 


The third shoe pictured is a translucent lace peep toe shoe.  Heel height is approx. 2.5", and is $39.99.  To purchase this shoe for embellishment, copy and paste the link: 


The last unembellished shoe pictured is rounded toe lace ballet slipper priced at $34.99. To purchase these shoes for embellishment, copy and paste the link below: 


2.)  Select the shoe you desire and make sure that they are comfortable and a good fit.  When you have found your perfect base shoe, ship in a box to: 

Rachael Jensen 

184 Regent Street 

Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866

3.) Upon receipt of your shoes and after we have discussed any changes to this design, I will begin the embellishment work.  The process will take about two weeks, as all work is done by hand.

4.)  I will send your newly transformed shoes back to you to enjoy!







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